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Monday, 1 August 2016

The Sister book launch

I recently had the great pleasure of attending the launch party for Louise Jensen's debut novel, The Sister. On a warm July evening, my daughter and I drove to Kettering and found the venue, Not Just Words Bookshop, with its wonderful staircase...

Then we entered the delightfully relaxed and quirky second hand bookshop and spotted this lovely cake...

The shop is full of not only books, but musical instruments and squashy sofas. A talented pianist serenaded the guests. We were greeted by Louise, who looked beautiful in her stylish jumpsuit...

Here she is, signing copies of The Sister.

Louise and I got to know each other through the Womentoring Project, and I worked with Louise over a few weeks during the (very) early stages of her work on the story that was to become The Sister. Louise was brilliant to work with, and I think we both learned a lot from our Womentoring experience.

I'm so pleased for Louise and the huge success she is enjoying with her first novel, and I'm proud to have helped out, even though it was in a small way... Louise has oodles of talent and I know she would have become published with or without Womentoring.

I was so moved to open up my copy of the book and see my mention in the acknowledgements. I wasn't expecting that! (Well, maybe I hoped...!) Always exciting to find your name in somebody else's book ;-)

It was a truly lovely launch party, full of warmth (literally and metaphorically!), family and friends. The pride in the room was palpable. Louise's publicist from Bookoutre rightfully enthused about The Sister in her speech, and Louise's own speech was fantastic... if she was nervous it certainly didn't show.

Me, Kim Nash (from Bookoutre), Louise Jensen and fellow Northamptonshire author Jane Isaac.

I drove home on a high. It really was a special evening (and my daughter came away with a pile of interesting books! I resisted...)

Many congratulations to Louise. Can't wait for the next novel!


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