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Thursday, 21 July 2016

(Proof) reading & (screen play) writing

Seven weeks since my last update! Those weeks have flown. I've been busy though.

The first proof read of A Life Between Us has been completed and returned to Matador. It felt like there were TONS of errors, but really there wasn't a huge amount, and no major changes were needed. Lots of typos, a few words in the wrong place, quite a lot of punctuation errors... it took an age to collate my proof read with the professional proof reader's copy, but I steadily worked through it. Now I'm looking forward to reading the corrected MS. This is the stage in the publishing process that is 100% necessary... but a teeny bit tedious...

I made the decision in June to hire a book cover designer. Some time around late August I should get my first glimpse of the possible cover design. I've sent my brief to the lovely designer, Jennie Rawlings. That was interesting, as I really had to think about "my reader"... who is s/he? What does s/he do for a living? Does s/he have kids? What kind of books does s/he generally read? What kind of films do they watch? It was clarifying to think about all of that, and I can't wait to see what Jennie comes up with...

I've also been working on my screenplay for Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase. This has been such an amazing experience: my chance to tell the story all over again. I'm off to the London Screenwriters Festival in September, armed with my pitch. It's going to be... terrifying! But I am looking forward to all the workshops and presentations, and meeting lots of fellow writers. I've loved working on this screenplay, but I've no idea if it's got any promise, or not. Hopefully I'll find out more at the festival.

That's all my news for now, hope everyone is enjoying the summer now that it's finally arrived xx

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