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Monday, 28 July 2014

Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase paperback giveaway

I'm doing another giveaway for Mrs Sinclair, this time for a signed paperback. It's officially out on 14th August, but I already have my hands on my author copies... so if you would like to win one, please leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a winner one week from today, Monday 4th August. I'll post anywhere in the world.

I'd like you to tell me about the most treasured and/or useful item that you keep in your suitcase, or that you pack into your suitcase, and why it's so important to you. 

(You can make it up if you prefer!)

Good luck.


  1. Hi Louise, The thing i would always take away with me is a small teddy bear called Charlie bear. He has accompanied me on many of my greatest adventures including the birth of my son. He is only small and tucks away nicely in a rolled up jumper.
    Thank you for offering your lovely book as a prize.
    Gill xx

  2. I never thought I would say this but it has to be my kindle so I will never run out of books on holidays and not have to worry about weight restrictions :) Thanks for a lovely giveaway :)

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  4. I keep my charger on my suitcase! And a pair of woolen socks. Here in Finland you never know what the weather will be like next! I´d love to read this book :)

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  6. I meant to tell you I saw a pile of your hardbacks in Cardiff at the beginning of June - dragged my daughter over, read a page or two and vowed I'd get the paperback - so perhaps you won't choose me! :-)

    As for what I keep in my suitcase, have to admit it's Sainsbury's orange plastic bags for the dirty washing and a couple of snap lock ones for liquids or gels, though usually it's easier to travel without them.
    But always, always a book or two.

  7. Um, a corkscrew ... but that only works of course if I'm in the UK as it would be confiscated otherwise! I am itching to read this book! Cx

  8. When I travel the most important thing I pack is my art kit. I have to have a sketch book and some paint with me

  9. Not entering the giveaway as I purchased the lovely hardback copy of Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase and devoured it in a few afternoons. Such a great debut novel, I am already looking forward to book number two! Mind you, having just finished my own first novel I feel it pales into insignificance besides yours, but still, I love it and am proud of having completed it. At my age, there's no point in hanging around if you want to do something and can! Like you, apart from writing, I read a lot - 60 books so far this year and only a handful, including yours, would I want to re-read soon - and do a lot of crafting, though mainly knitting these days. I dabble with art journals, patchwork, felt work, crochet too, but knitting is my preferred craft, easier on the old hands which are beginning to get a little arthritic, than crochet. Good luck with the book.

  10. Thank you Edwina, I'm glad you enjoyed Mrs S. Congrats for having written a novel - are you going to submit it to agents? I do love a bit of crafting, but there's just no time these days, too busy with my writing. I'm supposed to be working on a hexagon quilt for my daughter but progress is, well, very slow. I am working on another novel, my agent has read it and it's going well, watch this space. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  11. Books...and in case I run out of anything to read, my Kindle. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  12. Hi Louise :)

    The thing that's always in my suitcase is definetely my late grandpa's reading glasses. It just reminds me of how amazing he was :)

    thank you for this amazing offer, wishing everyone the best x

    Love, Reese.

  13. Thank you for all the lovely entries. After much deliberation and a second opinion from my oldest child, I'm going to give away two copies. First one to Gill - who can resist a teddy called Charlie tucked up in a rolled up jumper? And a second copy to Sandra, who doesn't just take carrier bags - she doesn't just take Sainsbury's carrier bags - she takes orange Sainsbury's carrier bags. A good lesson in details telling us something about character!

    Gill and Sandra, can you DM me on Twitter or Word Cloud or my FB writer's page with your addresses and I'll send out copies. I really enjoyed running this giveaway and reading the entries, hope to be able to do more in the future. Thank you, everyone.

    1. Lou, Have sent my address but wanted to thank you again. The 'orange' is because I like to colour code - going camping with my husband is a nightmare because he only ever uses his faulty memory for where things are.

  14. Me and Charlie Bear thank you, he says he's never been written about before and is very proud. X

  15. Received it, read it, loved it - truly, and would have been just as delighted had I bought it. Very modern and true-to-life approach to Dorothy's era - I liked her self-awareness of how the villagers viewed her; I like her
    The intricacy/ interweaving of the stories was spot-on for holding interest but (and this is not so so much a criticism as a Note to Self) each section much shorter than I had been led to believe (from comments on my novels) was desirable.
    I kept returning to re-read the letter to try and interpret it - excellent move having it at the beginning.

  16. Thanks Sandra, you read it super-quickly, glad you enjoyed it x

  17. Subject: Want to review "Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase "

    Hello Mam,
    Hope you're doing fine. I'm an Indian reviewer/ freelance blogger. I really liked the synopsis of your book and I must say it's pretty intriguing. Being a voracious reader, I would love to read your book and write a review for the same and will post it on good reads and amazon and on some Indian blogs which I write for. If you could kindly send me a paper-back/hardcover copy of your book, that would be so great. If you wish, you can check out my reviews at
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    PS: I don't have a kindle unfortunately. And also its quite convenient as well as preferable for me to read a paperback/hardcover copy(not to mention the smell of the books which tantalize me completely!!). I hope you'll understand that.
    Thank you,

    Kind Regards,
    Aditi Saha

    1. Hi Aditi, thanks for commenting on the blog. I have sent you a DM on Goodreads.

  18. Dear Louise
    My name is Sinclair and quite by accident I picked up your book at the hospital where my father was being treated for cancer. From the moment I read the very first words, your novel just seemed to talk to me.
    Dad was Polish and served in the Polish army during the last war. In 1945, rather than go back home he decided to come to England to help rebuild some of the bombed areas in London. He attended the Polish University and got his Engineering Degree and ended up working on some of the biggest building projects including the Channel Tunnel.
    My mum was French and an au pair in 1946 also in London. They met, fell in love and settled in England. Mum died two years ago and dad died just before Christmas at home as was his wish. Over the last few weeks, whilst going through their belongings, I have come across hundreds of postcards and books inscribed with personal notes that have helped recapture their private loving world. They were married for over 60 years.
    Like Roberta I clean and sell second hand books for Oxfam - I really identify with her when she talks about the little messages in the books she handles and I was particularly moved when she recalls her father coming home to die.
    I have many things that are dear to me that I tend to take with me when I travel but your beautiful book about lost opportunities and timeless love has done something special - allowed me to lose myself a little after what has been some very sad months.
    Mrs Sinclair

  19. Hello Mrs Sinclair, thank you for getting in touch, what an amazing story. I'm very sorry to hear about the death of your father. I'm also touched that my novel means so much to you. I think the postcards and other bits and pieces you are finding will bring you comfort and help to keep the memories of your parents alive. Thank you so much for your lovely contribution to the blog x