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Monday, 25 February 2013

First Review

I finished reading this novel on Saturday morning and I'm still thinking about it today (Monday). I think that is the sign of a very good book.  

 The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait. 

This is one of those novels that begins quietly, with just a hint of what is to come. We are introduced to a "normal" family - mum, dad, two sons and a daughter. As the tragic story reveals itself, we can see how this family is struggling to come to terms with the awful tragedy that affects them all. They are dysfunctional at a deep level, made all the more dysfunctional by the veneer of normality that the mother in particular tries to project. I won't go in to too much detail about the plot, as this is one of those stories that needs to be read with uncluttered eyes, but I think by the end you will be weeping like I was. Along the way there are flashes of humour too, and it's not at all gloom and doom; it is incredibly uplifting and moving with a happy-ish ending. Do read it, it's a wonderful novel. 

(I was fortunate to be given a proof copy; the hardback will be published in April 2013)


  1. I will enjoy reading the reviews you do on this blog. I am often in a bit of a book rut and when I find a good book, I usually then go and read all the books by that author (so I'm always delighted if I find a new author who has written loads!). I'm really fussy when it comes to books and I can't read anything too upsetting as it keeps me awake, worrying and getting overtired etc etc. I think this stops me from diving in and trying new books in a lot of cases. Didn't used to be like that at all, but ever since I had children, I need my fiction to be soft and gentle (but not mush!!). I love good autobiographies, so if you could recommend any here, that would be great. I also love gentle humour (PG Wodehouse's Jeeves & Wooster series being a favourite). I am currently re-reading Pride & Prejudice which I read around twelve years ago! Falling in love with Mr Darcy all over again!


  2. Hi Pippa, you may find The View on the Way Down quite upsetting. I cried buckets.
    Have you ever read Elizabeth Buchan? Her stories are "women's fiction", whatever that really means, and they're quite gentle-ish, usually the protagonist is a wife and mother struggling with a family issue, also Elizabeth Noble, similar themes. They don't get too "heavy". But they're not complete mush either.
    Mr Darcy, what a man eh?? Pride & Prejudice will always be a favourite, such a great read, and pure escapism with witty insights, what's not to love?

  3. Hi Louise, love the the new blog!
    I know what you mean about reading upsetting books. Over the last month I have read Dawn French's, 'Oh Dear Silva' and Judy Finnigans' 'Eloise' both books had sad elements, illness and death which, when you are feeling fragile like I have been, probably wasn't the best choice! But so saying I did enjoy them both but I am going for a more light hearted read next!