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Sunday, 24 February 2013

First Post

Welcome to my new, deluxe writer's blog. I'm going to talk about books, reading, writing, will probably review a few books that I particularly enjoy, and I will definitely update progress on my forthcoming novel Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase. 

Now, I need to figure out Blogger and try to add Following buttons and all that kind of thing ... very complicated! I am so not a techy type of person and it takes me hours to work this sort of thing out ... why so complicated, Blogger??



  1. Looking forward to following your new blog Louise.

    P.S. I originally started with Blogger but was advised at a social media workshop to transfer the content to Wordpress as it's an easier set up and I have found it much simpler and user friendly.

  2. Thank you for following Helen, I have wondered about Wordpress. I'm hopelessly non-savvy with IT stuff, so it may work better for me, who knows. It's taken me a while this morning but I think I've got this how I want it now!

  3. Hi Louise, congratulations on your book deal! You must tell us a bit more about it!

  4. Thank you Kate, I'll pop my How I Got a Publisher story up on here when I get the chance, thank you for your interest. It was quite a journey, but I think it is for all writers :)

  5. (I am a bit worried about why this comment begins 'Anonymous says'- my name is Lesley.
    Love the suitcase picture. Intriguing title for your book, too. I have been struggling with a new blog for the past couple of weeks, so I feel for you. I am now trying to connect posts with Twitter and Facebook and hoping it will all come together and make sense in one light bulb moment! Good luck with yours.

  6. Thanks Lesley! On my screen your name is showing, but I have seen "Anonymous says" on other blogs, I think it says that if the person commenting is not a member of Blogger? But not certain of that!
    The suitcase is a pic of the actual suitcase that gave me a spark of an idea for the novel that became Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase.Is has a label inside with that name on, so the title was pretty easy to come up with :)