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Friday, 30 June 2017

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This week I was thrilled to announce news of my latest venture. I've set up my own imprint in order to publish my third novel. It's a scheme I've been cooking for quite a while, held back of course by a myriad of doubts.

I love my logo! Designed by the wonderful Jennie Rawlings

I self-published my second novel, A Life Between Us, in March via assisted publishing company Matador (Troubador Publishing). That was an exciting time, and consumed most of 2016! My sales have not been wildly exciting... but of course they were never going to be. Sales are steady, and regular. I've sold 27 copies through my website (admittedly, at a loss. I'm not charging for postage which is £2.90 per book, 2nd class) and through hand selling. I've given away about 50 copies. My book was left in the wild on Indie Author Day via Books on the Underground. I've heard from libraries and indie bookshops that they are going to stock A Life Between Us. I've also heard from Waterstones, who are not going to stock it. I've been awarded a Chill With a Book Readers' Award (recognising excellence in indie books). I've had lovely support from book bloggers and fellow authors.

There are a couple of other positive things coming up which I can't yet reveal, but I'm chuffed.

I check my Amazon ranking daily hourly, and it fluctuates, but it's OK. More important than ranking, I've been fortunate to receive positive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Netgalley. Readers seem to be responding to A Life Between Us in a positive way. Some of the reviews are overwhelming. That keeps me going, it really does. There was a dark time just before the book went up on Netgalley where I feared it was a huge pile of tosh and I was about to make the biggest fool of myself, ever.

In the great scheme of things, my second novel is doing OK. Literally, OK. I'll take that!

The idea of bringing out my third novel is just as daunting. It's going to be hard work. It may do "OK", it may not. But if I don't bring this book out it won't do anything at all. I'm 50 this year and I've realised, finally, that life is short, so precious and fleeting, and it's not a failure to try something, even if you fail. The failure is to give in to fears and doubts and not try things. (Paraphrasing Bruce Lee here!)

So here I am, running my own company, setting up my own imprint, and bringing out my third novel.

Life is sweet


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  1. I can't wait for your third novel, Louise. Congratulations on setting up your own imprint - I love the logo.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm excited to share this novel with readers. It's very dear to my heart... more "my baby" than the other two, really. Fingers crossed people will enjoy it. Thanks, as ever, for your support x