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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Story-telling... but not writing

I've been making these! I have a project -  a quilt - that MUST be completed by December. Now that IS a deadline, because as anybody who makes hex quilts will know, they are time-consuming. Very time-consuming.

Actually. it's great to get away from writing for a while and concentrate on something else. Not only that, but it gives me quiet thinking and reflecting time, which as writers will know, is sometimes the most valuable part of the whole writing process. So I suppose I'm not really getting away from writing at all...

A pile of "rosettes" ready to be arranged and sewn together to form the quilt top. These are like the chapters of a story...

A pile of hex "petals" ready to be sewn together to make a rosette. A chapter in the making...

Fabrics cut and ready to be wrapped round the card template, ready for sewing. A chapter in the planning...

To add to the romance of this project, many of the rosettes were made back in the 1970s by my grandmother, part of an unfinished project. So the finished quilt will contain her work as well as mine. It will also contain fabrics from some of my daughter's old frocks (and mine), also some vintage fabrics given to me by my mother-in-law. So, a story in the making, but without words. I'll post updates on here as the project develops. 

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  1. Love the quilt project and the fact that it will include pieces of fabric to represent members of your family. Like you Louise, I need thinking time and mundane activities like weeding give me space to work out ideas whilst still keeping busy. Looking forward to seeing the quilt take shape.