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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More books and book news

Look what came home from my shopping trip last last week:

I had all sorts of items on my shopping list: Essential oils, socks, Xylitol ... but not BOOKS! Not sure what happened really ... : )

My own book is making progress.The line edit is done and dusted and this week my novel is to be sent off to a copy editor. So I now have a rest  from that novel for a while. I've resumed work on my second novel, which still has a long way to go. I have 52k words and I'm on my fourth draft. I need to beef it up a bit, polish, edit, edit again... and it may be ready to send to my agent. I'd like to have it ready by this time next year. We'll see : )

I did a spot of planting in the garden today, lovely to be out in the sunshine.


  1. Books are essential in any packing I do for anywhere I go. :-)

    Yay on the progress you're making on your polishing project.

    Well, we've had some sunshine and a heck of a lot of rain. I'm making plans on planting bags of flowers. I need spots of color in the yard that don't require being on my knees to weed.

  2. I do hope you enjoy the copy editing process, I found it really helpful, and it was just a lot of suggestions, I didn't have to take all of them on board (although almost all were good and made the book better). Enjoy writing book 2!